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The Clothesline Laundry + AirBnB

Dedicated to Short Term Rental Properties

We are delighted to serve the AirBnB industry as a laundry processor for all AirBnB hosts in the greater Nashville area. With overnight and same day turnaround service, we can support any volume of sheets, linens, and towels for any number of rooms. Simply leave the laundry to us to do! Additionally, If you are a current AirBnB host or a prospective host, we can also provide laundry service to your guests. Let us do the laundry and help grow your business too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment terms?
Payment is 30 days net and billed monthly on the 1st of each calendar month for all commercial clients. The contracted amount will be automatically debited from the client’s account in accordance with client’s payment preferences.
Am I required to rent laundry from you?
Our focus is only on cleaning your laundry so we do not lease garments at this time. If you own it, we’ll clean it! No rental fees = No hassle.
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