Frequently Asked Questions

What Detergents do you offer?
We offer a variety of the top name brand detergents including, but not limited to:

Detergents: Tide Original™, Gain Original™, Downy Softener™, and Arm and Hammer Original™.
Free and clear detergents: All™, Tide™, Downy™, Dreft Baby™, and Seventh Generation™.
Dryer sheets: Bounce™ and Gain™.

Please specify your detergent, and dryer sheet preference in the "Laundry Preferences" section when placing your order.
Is there a minimum?
There is a 25 pound minimum for all orders. If you send less than 25 pounds, you will be charged at the minimum.
Can I get my garments ironed?
We offer something better than regular ironing in the way of safely steam pressing your clothes using a commercial presser!
What is a deck box and how does it work?
If you like our service but are afraid of missing a pickup or delivery time, our weather-proof deck box gives you the flexibility and convenience to pickup or drop off your laundry right beside your home! Schedule a pickup time, drop your laundry in our box, and we'll come pick it up without even knocking on your door. Alternatively, should you be unable to personally receive a delivery at the door, no worries! We can place your fresh clothes back in the deck box - easy breezy!
What's the difference between ironing & pressing?
Ironing is the act of moving an iron back and forth across a fabric. In contrast, pressing is the act of holding an iron directly onto the fabric to press out a wrinkle or flatten a seam. When done correctly, pressing is generally less damaging to fabric than the back and forth motion of traditional ironing.
What if I miss my pickup or delivery time?
If you miss your pickup or drop off time frame, a missed pickup or missed drop off fee may be assessed. Avoid these additional fees by notifying and rescheduling your day/time beforehand or ask about our weather-proof deck box.
Where does my laundry physically go?
We process laundry across all mid-TN through our three processing sites in Nashville, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro, where we offer commercial and consumer laundry and bundle service.
How do I place an order for pickup?
Ordering laundry service is easy! Just download our mobile application and start an order. You can choose your preferred pickup day and time.
What are your payment terms?
For residential clients, payment is processed prior to delivery. For commercial clients, payment is 30 days net and billed monthly. The contracted amount will be automatically debited from the client’s account in accordance with client’s payment preferences.
Am I required to rent laundry from you?
Our focus is only on cleaning your laundry so we do not lease garments at this time. If you own it, we’ll clean it! No rental fees = No hassle.
I need the laundry cleaned in dye-free/perfume-free products, is that possible?
Yes - we offer scent-free detergent in All Free and Clear detergent. We can provide other scent- and dye-free detergents as well upon request such as Country Save. Scent-free, dye-free, all natural, and biodegradable detergents may incur a surcharge of 10c per/ lb due to their higher cost.
How are my items packaged?
Bundles are packaged in either our clear plastic bagging or the client’s own bag or a combination of both.
What types of laundry do you clean?
Above and beyond standard clothing, we can clean a variety of laundry types from robes to bedding, uniforms to drop cloths. If you’d like to discuss your specific laundry needs, complete our contact form above and we’ll give you a call today.

Download our mobile app!

Download our mobile app!

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