Wash, Dry, Fold

Same Day Service
available for pick-ups before 12pm

per pound

Next Day Service

per pound

Two Day Service

per pound

*Order Minimum

25 pounds

Our basic service for everyday clothes 'n everyday cottons!

Pickup/Delivery Services

Pickup and Delivery


Missed Pickup or Delivery

per attempt

Dirty laundry piling up? Well then you may be qualified for free delivery!

A la Carte Services



Small Bathmats (2'X3')


Large Bathmat


Fitted Sheet


Mattress Pads


Comforter (King)


Comforter (Queen)


Comforter (Full)


Comforter (Twin)


Comforter + Pillowcase + Bedding (any size)


Throw Blanket


Pillow Sham (2x) + Duvet


Rugs (Small 2'X3' or smaller)


Rugs (Large up to 5'X7')


Dog Bed (Large)


Dog Bed (Small)


Cat Bed (Tent)


Cat Bed (Pad)


*Excludes down comforters

For those specialty items that require extra care 'n lovin'!

Dry Cleaning

Shirt, blouse, skirt, shorts, ties (small items plus most inner wear)


Pants, slacks


Two piece suit, dresses, sweaters, light jackets (athletic hoodies, windbreaker, sports jacket)


Three piece suit (jacket, pants, Vest), light coats (rain, puffer)


Heavy coat, long coat (trench), down & racing jacket


Formal dress, full tuxedo


Pressing/Fluffing Services

Prom Dresses


Wedding Gowns


Steam Pressing

per item

For those BIG events where it's not just your hair that needs some poofin' up!


Breathable mesh laundry bag


Designer laundry bag


Durable nylon laundry bag


Small mesh laundry bag


Our hand-selected easy-to-use laundry bags for wherever you go!


Deck Box

per pound

Deck Box Rental

per month

Extra Key


Double Soap

per pound

Double Double (2X Wash 2X Soap)

per pound

Unscented Detergent


Extra starch


Air dry


Every stain has a story!

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Download our mobile app!

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